Upholstery Cleaning

Our 8-Stage Professional Upholstery Cleaning Process

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Your fabric furnishings are most likely one of the most heavily used items of furniture in your home and as such can quickly show signs of dirt and soil.

Having your fabric furnishings professionally cleaned will not only have them looking their best again but will also prolong the life of them.

Our technicians have the correct training and equipment to identify the fabrics in question and choose the correct cleaning method for them.


This ensures the fabrics are not damaged in the cleaning process, which a DIY clean can often lead to.

There are many different fabrics used in upholstery and identifying them correctly is one of the most important steps of the process.

As with our carpet cleaning service we have a methodical approach – from identifying the fabric and the initial vacuum through to the wet or dry cleaning system ensuring great results every time. 

1/ Inspection /Survey

This step is even more critical with upholstery as there are many more fibre and fabric types with more chance of things going wrong if not identified correctly.

We will test to see the construction of the upholstery and also ask questions about it to learn its history.

2/ Crush and croc test

These are further tests to help choose the best cleaning solution and cleaning method for your upholstery to ensure no damage is caused.

During this process we will also be testing for dye bleed to ensure there is no colour run during the clean.


3/ Dry soil extraction

We give the upholstery a thorough hoover using our commercial grade, twin motor, upright hoover.

80 – 85% of dirt is dry soiling, removing this first is important to prevent the particles clinging to the fibres when wet and to avoid wick back.


4. Prespray & Agitation

Using either a cloth, mitt or drill brush we go over the furniture to work the prespray further into the fibre to loosen any stubborn dirt.

There may be certain items we do not agitate due to weak fibres which may be damaged during this process, this will be decided during the inspection.

5. Extraction

Spray extraction offers the deepest clean (when carried out by trained professionals) for your carpets.

A rinse is applied onto the upholstery and drawn back out by our top of the range extraction machine and upholstery hand tools.

6. Spot Treatment

Having finished the spray extraction we will then go back over your upholstery and look for any spots/stains that need to be treated further.

We will use a suitable stain treatment, where possible sticking to eco-friendly chemicals.

7. Pile Brush

Once the cleaning process is finished its important to go over the furniture with a special brush to reset the pile in its correct position.

This is often overlooked and if not carried out can result in pile damage and the upholstery looking different shades in different parts on some occasions.

8. Stain Protection

If you have chosen to have our stain protector this is the stage we will apply it.

Stain protectors will help when it comes to removing any future spills or dirt BUT they are not bulletproof!

Why get your soft furnishings cleaned?

Your soft furnishings are a breeding ground for bacteria, and pathogens and dirt can build up to the point where they can cause health risks.

These organisms can be released into the environment each time someone sits down on a sofa or chair.

There are many nooks and crannies in your soft furnishings, down the side of the arm, under the cushions and many more.

These are all collecting ground for crumbs, dirt, dust and sometimes pocket change J

Lift up your cushion and have a quick look at what’s underneath you may be surprised what you find.

It’s all a breeding ground for germs and dust mittes which if left can have serious effects on yours and your family’s health.

Saves you money and keeps it comfortable

You have likely invested a significant sum on your sofa and chairs and as such you want them to last a long time.

Having them cleaned regularly will do just this as well as keeping them comfortable.

If left they could start to show signs of wear.

Specific areas, such as the arms and headrest, where grease, dirt and sweat build up can start to break down the fibres and create patches or even holes over time.


Our home is our biggest investment and as such we want to keep it looking good, especially when having friends and neighbours around.

Having your soft furnishings professionally cleaned will certainly get noticed for the right reasons and have your visitors visiting again.

Why use a professional?

It’s in the wording “professional”, we have the correct, training, knowledge and experience along with top of the range equipment and the latest cleaning solutions to get the job done RIGHT.

There’s many types of fabrics and fibres in soft furnishings (more so than carpets) and choosing the wrong cleaning method or solution could cause irreversible damage.

Every step of our process has been designed to give the best possible results whilst eliminating the risk of causing any damage to the soft furnishings.

They’re manufactured with the expectation they’ll need cleaning

If you look on the label of most sofas and chairs and look at the care instructions it will say “clean them regularly” and “use a professional”

Why would you not do something that the manufacturer recommends?

Would you have a go at plastering your house, or installing a new boiler?

I’m guessing not. You would choose a professional, do the same with your upholstery.


As a professional company, we need to make sure we have the right insurance. Even though we haven’t had to call our insurance to make a claim, it’s important that we have it in place.

If something ever goes wrong, you can rest easy knowing that we have everything in place and can fix it.

You should always ask about this before you hire anyone, and this goes for any tradesmen you hire to do work on your home. There are a lot of cowboys out there who will forget about this.

When in doubt, you can always call us.

We’re always happy to talk and answer any questions you have about what we do.

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