Carpet Cleaning

Our 8-Stage Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

1/ Carpet Survey

We carry out a 5 point inspection.

  1.  Check carpets are fitted securely.
  2. Identify the carpet structure and fibre.
  3. Test the PH level of the carpet pile. 
  4. Check for any previous chemicals left.
  5. Dye bleed test to avoid colour bleed.

2/ Dry Extraction.

We give the carpets a thorough hoover using our commercial grade, twin motor, upright hoover. 

80 – 85% of dirt in your carpet is dry soiling. Removing this first is important to prevent the particles clinging to the fibres when wet and to avoid wick back.

3/ Carpet Pre-Spray

Having carried out your carpet survey we will have identified your carpets fiber and chosen a suitable eco-friendly pre spray.

This gets sprayed directly onto your carpet to start breaking down the remaining dirt and soil prior to extraction. 

4. Agitation

Using our commercial grade  contra rotating brush machine we go over the carpets to work the prespray further into the fibre.

This loosens any stubborn dirt whilst also helping to lift the pile.

5. Spray Extraction

Spray extraction offers the deepest clean (when carried out by trained professionals) for your carpets.

An acidic rinse is sprayed onto the carpet and drawn back out by our top of the range extraction machine.

6. Spot Treatment

Having finished the spray extraction we will then go back over your carpets and look for any spots/stains that need to be treated further.

We will use a suitable stain treatment, where possible sticking to eco-friendly chemicals.

7. Stain Protection

If you have chosen to have our stain protector this is the stage we will apply it.

Stain protectors will help when it comes to removing any future spills or dirt BUT they are not bulletproof!

8. Pile Brush

We go over the carpet with a grooming brush to lift the pile.

This helps the air to circulate around and reduces drying time and once dry encourages the carpet to lie in its natural position

Why Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

– Health

– Aesthetics

– Why use a professional?

– Insurance


Dust Mites

Nearly 100,000 dust mittes can live in one-square-meter of carpet.

Up to 10 percent of the weight of a 2-year-old pillow can be composed of dead mittes and their droppings.

Hoovering alone will NOT remove these. 


Pets can carry all types of germs and bacteria, be it from the outside on their coats and fur or from the saliva around their mouths.

The largest air filter in your home (your carpet) will collect it!


Greasy hands, dirty shoes and mud are just some of a kid’s favourite things they like to pass onto your carpets.

Just make sure your carpets don’t pass any of the mittes, germs or bacteria back to your child by having them professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaner.

Dust Mites

Looking after ourselves and family is second nature to most people, which is just one reason why you should have your carpets PROFESSIONALLY cleaned regularly.

The best way to think of carpet is as your homes largest air filter.

It sits there day after day, absorbing dust and dirt from the air, pets, footwear to name a few, and then get pushed down deeper into the fibres by regular traffic.

Professional deep cleaning removes all of this.

House dust mitte allergies are very common and contribute to issues such as asthma and eczema.

With one square metre of carpet averaging 67 grams of dust that’s plenty for the mittes to feed on.

The House Dust Mite

A serious threat to your health

It’s actually the proteins in the mittes waste which causes the allergy and not usually the mitte itself .

Again, with dust mittes producing up to 200 times their own bodyweight in waste each day it’s no surprise so many people are feeling the effects. 

This is especially of note if you have young children. Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time crawling and rolling around the floor which brings them in to close proximitty of the disturbed dust.

Our 8 step deep carpet cleaning process will help reduce the effects of dust mittes and provide a healthier environment for you and your family.


We all love our pets and see them as part of the family, but our furry friends could be contributing to our allergies.

Their saliva, urine and other secretions contain proteins that are potential allergens, while their hair often traps dust, fleas and pollen that gets lodged in carpeting when the animals shed.


The dead skin, or dander, of our furry friends also collects on surfaces like carpet.

Pet allergens are especially problematic because they’re sticky and cling to surfaces, and when they’re disturbed, they hang out in the air for a long time.

Even people who don’t own pets get exposed to pet dander because it hitches rides on clothing

Aesthetics – Looking nice.

Our home is our biggest investment and as such we want to keep it looking good, especially when having friends and neighbours around.

As much as we don’t like to admitt it we all have a good nose when visiting someone’s house, eying up the décor and furnishings, and a dirty carpet is likely to stick out like a sore thumb.

Having a regular professional carpet clean will certainly get noticed for the right reasons and have your visitors visiting again.

Take a look at this amazing transformation

Why use a professional carpet cleaner in Warminster?

It’s in the wording “professional”.

We have the correct, training, knowledge and experience, along with top of the range equipment and the latest cleaning solutions to get the job done RIGHT.

Quite often we visit a job where the customer has had a go at getting a stain or spill out themselves using an old wives’ tale or solution from the doctor google.

Unfortunately, this DIY approach is quite often the problem and instead of removing the spot or stain it has actually set the stain, making it impossible to now remove.

There are many factors we take into account when choosing which product we use on each carpet and that’s for a reason.

Using the wrong product on the wrong carpet type could cause more damage than good and result in needing to completely replace it.

Which brushes to use during agitation and the correct pressure level to use on the machine are important to prevent wear.

Finally, using an acidic rinse if needed to bring the carpets PH level back up to where it needs to be (to ensure the dye is left stable and also reduce any chance of skin irritation to you, your family and pets).

A professional clean will not only leave your carpets looking, feeling and smelling great it will also leave them clean for longer. How, by reducing and eliminating where possible any detergent residues left in the fabric.

Would you have a go at plastering your house, or installing a new boiler?

I’m guessing not.

You would choose a professional, do the same with your carpets 🙂


Whilst we have never had to call our insurance to make a claim it is vital as a professional company we make sure we have all the correct insurances.

That way, should anything ever go wrong, you can rest easy that we have it in place and can resolve any issues that should arise.

There are a lot of cowboys out there who will overlook this aspect of their business so always make sure you ask before booking anyone.

This goes without saying for any tradesmen you have in to carry out work.

If, however, you are unsure of anything you can always pick up the phone and give us a call.

We are always more than happy to have a chat and answer any concerns.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

First impressions are crucial. 

They can make or break an opportunity.  

It’s human nature to make a judgement about someone when you first meet  them… BUT

Did you know that people can formulate an opinion about you  in less than 20 seconds! 

For this reason, it’s vital that your first  impression is always your best one. 

Having clean floors and chairs in your waiting area, reception, office or restaurant could be the difference between having a repeat customer or long term client and not.

ProClean Bath and Wilts can work with you to make this happen with as minimum disruption to your working environment as we can.

Get in touch to see how we can help.

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