Oven Cleaning Devizes

Our 8-Stage Professional Oven Cleaning Process

1/ Inspection /Survey

We’ll inspect the fan, controls, seal, fixings, and bulb housing during our first visit to make sure everything is in working order.

Before beginning any cleaning, we’ll let you know if we discover anything that necessitates further attention.

2/ Preparation

Oven cleaning is a messy job as you can imagine.

It’s critical that we shield everything around your appliance from getting wet so that spills don’t get on them.

To avoid this, we’re putting down dust sheets and other barriers.


3/ Racks, fan and bulb

After removing all the rack and rack holder covers and the light bulb cover, we begin the process of dipping.

Because every oven is unique, the fan and/or rack holders may not be removable in some models; in these cases, we clean the interior of the oven.

4. Dipping

Our top-of-the-line dip tank has now reached maximum temperature, so we take the removed components out to the van for final dipping.

Even the most obstinate carbon is no match for this method. It’s important to note that not every item can be submerged in a solution of baking soda and water.

5. Clean Inside the Oven

To make cleaning the inside of the oven easier, heat is applied before we begin scrubbing.

So that no residue remains in the oven after it has been cleaned to our satisfaction, we will rinse it TWICE.

6. Door strip down

Whenever possible, the door is disassembled to reveal the interior glass; some doors feature two panels, while others have three.

During this procedure, the door is typically removed, and the grease gulley is also cleaned. Before reassembling and reinstalling the door, the glass is thoroughly cleaned.

7. Finishing touches

We go over the entire oven with a final wipe down and dry both inside and out to ensure its sparkling.

Where applicable we will use a special stainless steel oil to give a streak free finish, a very nice touch.

8. Tidy up and checks.

After that, we clean up and put away all of our safety sheets and cleaning supplies before returning to the oven for one final check to make sure everything is working properly.

If there is any cleaning residue left in the oven after we’ve cleaned it, we’ll heat it up to make sure it’s ready for use right away.

Why Get Your Oven Cleaned?

Whilst cleaning an oven can be time consuming, difficult, and even dangerous due to the use of harsh chemicals, leaving it uncleaned could lead to more serious issues down the road.

Grease build up… especially when you’re making roast dinners with a lot of fat involved.

The worst case scenario is it could catch on fire.

When you cook food inside your oven there is often spills and food that gets stuck on the grills, sides and base of the oven, particularly when cooking things like roast dinners where there’s lots of fat involved.

This food residue will burn and in the worst case scenario catch fire and at the very least leave a smoky taste on whatever else you cook in your oven.

It includes bacteria that, if not treated, will contaminate any future food cooked in the oven, infecting your meals.

A kitchen appliance’s general health is also a problem. The same food residue might stick to the oven’s mechanical parts and filters, reducing performance and potentially causing a complete breakdown.

In the long run, this will save you money by cleaning your oven on a regular basis.

Does your oven look like this?

Oven Cleaners Devizes


To protect the value of our biggest investment, we make it a point to keep it in tip-top shape, especially when we have guests over.

The thought of entertaining guests only to reveal a filthy oven is terrifying!

Having your oven cleaned by a professional on a regular basis will make a good impression on your guests and encourage them to return.

Why use a professional?

In addition to the best tools and most up to date cleaning solutions, we have the proper training and understanding to accomplish a job RIGHT.

Incorrect oven door removal or element breakage may result in a broken oven. We know when not to strip doors based on our experience. Reassembling some oven doors can be difficult.

Every step of our method has been thoroughly developed to achieve optimal results while minimising oven damage.

Professional oven cleaning improves the quality of your food because there is no smoke flavour or risk of pathogens from food residue.

So, if you’re going to get your oven fixed, I’m guessing you’ll hire a pro… Oven Cleaning Devizes


Whilst we have never had to call our insurance to make a claim it is vital as a professional company we make sure we have all the correct insurance.

Should anything ever go wrong you can rest easy that we have it in place and can resolve any issues that should arise.

However, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are always more than happy to have a chat and answer any concerns.

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