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Our 8-Stage Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

1/ Carpet Survey

We carry out a 5 point inspection.

  1. Make sure the carpets are tightly fastened.
  2. Determine the carpet’s structure and fibre content.
  3. Check the carpet pile’s PH level.
  4. Check for any leftover chemicals.
  5. To avoid colour bleed, do a dye bleed test.

2/ Dry Extraction.

We give the carpets a good vacuum using our professional grade, twin motor, upright hoover.

In your carpet, dry soiling makes about 80–85% of the total dirt.

We need to get this out.

3/ Carpet Pre-Spray

Having carried out your carpet survey we will have identified your carpets fibre and picked a suitable eco-friendly, pre spray.

This gets sprayed straight onto your carpet to start breaking down the dirt and soil prior to extraction.

4. Agitation

We go over the carpets with our commercial-grade, contra rotating brush equipment, in order to push the prespray further into the fabric.

This loosens any stubborn dirt whilst also helping to lift the pile.

5. Spray Extraction

When done by qualified professionals, spray extraction gives your carpets the deepest clean possible.

Our top-of-the-line extraction machine squirts an acidic rinse onto the carpet, which is then extracted.

6. Spot Treatment

If there are any spots or stains that need to be handled after the spray extraction, we will go over your carpets again.

We’ll apply a stain treatment that is safe for the environment, if required.

7. Stain Protection

If you have elected to have our stain protector service, this is the step at which it will be applied.

While stain guards will aid in the removal of subsequent spills or dirt, they are not foolproof!

8. Pile Brush

 We use a grooming brush to raise the pile on the carpet.

This promotes air circulation and speeds up the drying process; also, once dry, it allows the carpet to lie naturally

Why Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

– Health

– Aesthetics

– Why use a professional?

– Insurance


Dust Mites.



Dust Mites

Taking care of ourselves and our families is just one of the reasons why you should have your carpets PROFESSIONALLY cleaned on a regular basis.

Carpet may be thought of as your home’s largest air filter.

It lays there day after day, accumulating dust and filth from the air, dogs, and footwear, to mention a few, and then being driven further into the fibres by daily traffic.

All of this is removed by professional thorough cleaning.

House dust mitte allergies are highly frequent and lead to conditions such as asthma and eczema.

With one square metre of carpet averaging 67 grammes of dust, the mittes have plenty to feast on.

The House Dust Mite

A serious threat to your health

dust mite treatment proclean bath and wilts

The proteins in the mitte’s excrement trigger the allergy, not the mitte itself.

Again, with dust mittes creating up to 200 times their own bodyweight in excrement each day, it’s no surprise that so many people are suffering.


This is especially important if you have young children. Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time crawling and rolling about the floor, bringing them into close proximitty to the disturbed dust.

Our 8-step deep carpet cleaning technique will help lessen the impact of dust mittes and offer a healthier atmosphere for you and your family.


We all adore our dogs and consider them family members, yet they may be causing allergies.

Their hair retains dust, fleas and pollen that becomes caught in carpeting when they shed.


Our pets’ dead skin, or dander, gathers on surfaces like carpet.

Pet allergies are particularly bothersome since they are sticky, adhere to surfaces, and linger in the air when disturbed.

Pet dander travels on clothing, so even non-pet owners are exposed.

Aesthetics – Looking nice.

Our home is our most valuable asset, and we want to maintain it looking nice, especially when friends and neighbours visit.

A soiled carpet will stand out like a sore thumb.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis will ensure that you are noticed for the appropriate reasons.

Take a look at this amazing transformation

Why use a professional?

It’s in the wording “professional”.

For the work to be done RIGHT, we have the expertise, understanding, and experience along with top-notch equipment and cleaning solutions.

We frequently attend jobs where the customer has attempted to remove a stain or spill using an old wives’ tale or a doctor google remedy.

Unfortunately, instead of eliminating the stain, this DIY method typically sets it, making it hard / impossible to remove.

Unsuitable carpet care products might cause more harm than good, necessitating a total carpet replacement.

Choosing the right agitation brushes and machine pressure is critical to reducing carpet wear.

Finally, use an acidic rinse to restore the carpet’s PH level (to ensure the dye is left stable and also reduce any chance of skin irritation to you, your family and pets).

A professional clean will not only leave your carpets looking, feeling and smelling great it will also leave them clean for longer. How, by reducing and eliminating where possible any detergent residues left in the fabric.

Would you have a go at plastering your house, or installing a new boiler?

I’m guessing not.

You would choose a professional, to do the same with your carpets 🙂


While we have never had to call our insurance to file a claim, it is critical that we have all of the necessary insurances as a professional organisation.

That way, if something goes wrong, you can rest certain that we have a plan in place and can handle any problems that emerge.

Many cowboys don’t, so always inquire before scheduling anybody.


If you are doubtful about anything, though, you may always pick up the phone and call us.

We are always delighted to speak with you and address any issues you may have.

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