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Our 8-Stage Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

1/ Carpet Survey

We carry out a 5 point inspection.

  1. Check carpets are installed firmly.
  2. Make a note of the carpet’s fibre and structural makeup.
  3. Check the carpet’s PH level.
  4. Make a thorough search for any remnants of prior chemicals.
  5. To avoid colour bleed, do a dye bleed test.


2/ Dry Extraction.

We thoroughly vacuum the carpets with our professional grade, two motor upright hoover.

Dry soiling accounts for 80-85% of the dirt in your carpet.

It is critical to get this out before we introduce moisture.

3/ Carpet Pre-Spray

We will have identified your carpet fibre and chosen an eco-friendly pre spray after your carpet survey.

On your carpet to start breaking down leftover dirt and soil before extraction.

4. Agitation

We go over the carpets with our professional grade contra rotating brush equipment to work the prespray deeper into the fibres.

This helps to loosen any stubborn dirt while also lifting the pile.

5. Spray Extraction

Spray extraction provides the most thorough cleaning for your carpets (when performed by skilled specialists).

An acidic rinse is sprayed onto the carpet and pulled out by our top-of-the-line extraction machine.

6. Spot Treatment

After we’ve completed the spray extraction, we’ll inspect your carpets for any remaining spots/stains.

We will treat the stain appropriately, avoiding toxic chemicals.

7. Stain Protection

If you have selected to use our stain protector, we will apply it at this stage.

Stain guards will aid in the removal of subsequent spills or dirt, but they are not foolproof!

8. Pile Brush

We use a grooming brush to elevate the pile of the carpet.

This allows the air to flow and reduces drying time, and once dry, it promotes the carpet to lie in its natural posture.

Why Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

– Health

– Aesthetics

– Why use a professional?

– Insurance


Dust Mites

One square metre of carpet may house more than 100,000 dust mittes, according to studies.

Dead mittes and their droppings can account for up to 10% of the weight of a 2-year-old cushion.

These are not going to come out with a simple vacuuming.


Pets can carry germs and bacteria on their coats and hair, or in their saliva.

Your carpet is your home’s greatest air filter!


Greasy hands, muddy shoes, and mud are just a few of the things that children pass onto your carpets.

Simply ensure that your carpets are free of mittes, germs, and bacteria by having them professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaner.

Dust Mites

Taking care of ourselves and our families is ingrained in the majority of individuals, which is just one reason why you should get your carpets cleaned PROFESSIONALLY on a regular basis.

Consider carpet as the greatest air filter in your home.

It lies there day after day, accumulating dust and grime from the air, dogs, and footwear, among other sources, and then being driven further into the fibres by normal traffic.

All of this is removed during a professional thorough cleaning.

All of this is eliminated after a professional deep cleaning.

Allergies to house dust mittes are quite frequent and lead to conditions such as asthma and eczema.

With an average of 67 grammes of dust per square metre of carpet, the mittes have plenty to feast on.

The House Dust Mite

A serious threat to your health

dust mite treatment proclean bath and wilts

Typically, it is the proteins in the mittes’ excrement that trigger the allergy, not the mitte itself.

Again, given that dust mittes produce up to 200 times their body weight in excrement each day, it’s unsurprising that so many people are affected.

This is particularly important if you have little children. 

This is particularly important if you have little children. Babies and toddlers spend a great deal of time crawling and rolling about on the floor, putting them in close proximitty to disturbed dust.

Our eight-step deep carpet cleaning technique will help you and your family live in a healthier atmosphere by reducing the effects of dust mittes.



While we all like our dogs and consider them to be family members, our furry companions may be causing our allergies.

Their saliva, urine, and other fluids include proteins that may cause allergic reactions, and their hair frequently retains dust, fleas, and pollen that becomes embedded in carpets when the animals shed.

Our furry pals’ dead skin, or dander, also accumulates on carpeted surfaces.

Pet allergies are particularly troublesome because they are sticky and adhere to surfaces, and they linger out in the air for an extended period of time when disturbed.

Even those who do not own dogs come into contact with pet dander via clothes.

Aesthetics – Looking nice.

Our home is our largest investment, and as such, we want it to appear excellent at all times, but especially when friends and neighbours visit.

As much as we dislike admitting it, we all have a keen eye for décor and furniture while visiting someone’s home.

A dirty carpet will almost certainly stand out like a sore thumb.

Having a professional carpet cleaned on a regular basis will ensure that you are noticed for the correct reasons and that your guests return.

Take a look at this amazing transformation

Why use a professional?

Why should you hire a professional?

It is contained in the term “professional.”

We have the necessary expertise, understanding, and experience, as well as top-of-the-line equipment and cutting-edge cleaning solutions, to do the job RIGHT.

Quite frequently, we are called to a job where the client has attempted to remove a stain or spill using an old wives” tale or a treatment from doctor google.

Unfortunately, this do-it-yourself strategy is frequently ineffective, since it actually sets the stain, making it hard to remove.

 There are several considerations we consider when determining which product to use on each carpet, and for good cause.

Using the incorrect product on the incorrect carpet type may cause more harm than good, necessitating a total replacement.

It is critical to use the proper brushes during agitation and the correct pressure level on the machine to avoid wear.

Finally, if necessary, use an acidic rinse to restore the carpet’s PH level to its proper level (to ensure the dye is left stable and also reduce any chance of skin irritation to you, your family and pets).

A professional clean will not only leave your carpets looking, feeling and smelling amazing it will also leave them clean for longer. How, by minimising and removing where feasible any detergent residues left in the cloth.

Plastering your home or installing a new boiler are two projects that you could consider taking on yourself. No, I don’t think so. You’d go with a pro, of course. The same should apply to your area rugs as well.


While we have never had to contact our insurance carrier to make a claim, it is critical for us to have the necessary insurances as a professional business.

That way, if something does go wrong, you can rest certain that we have everything in place and are capable of resolving any difficulties that may emerge.

There are plenty of cowboys out there that will disregard this element of their business, so always inquire before to scheduling.

This is self-evident for any tradespeople you bring in to perform work.

If you are doubtful about anything, though, you may always pick up the phone and call us.

We are always delighted to speak with you and address any problems.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

It’s critical to make an excellent first impression. They have the ability to make or break a deal.

When you first meet someone, it’s natural to have an opinion about them… BUT DID YOU KNOW that in less than 20 seconds, people may create an impression about you?

As such, it is critical that your initial impression is always the finest one possible.

Having clean flooring and chairs in your waiting room, reception area, office, or restaurant may be the difference between a return customer or long term client and not.

ProClean Bath and Wilts can collaborate with you to ensure that this occurs with the least amount of disturbance possible to your working environment.

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.

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