Stone Floor Cleaning Frome

With time, stone and tile floors can get dirty and dingy.

This can be somewhat attributed to the build-up of old cleaning dust, but general wear and tear is the main cause.

If the wrong chemicals are used to clean some stones, they may become dull and damaged.

The most striking feature of your house can be the flooring, which looks amazing when done right.

Your worn-out flooring can be brought back to its former splendour with the help of our professional knowledge and equipment.

We offer simple cleaning, cleaning and polishing, or full cleaning, shining, and sealing, depending on the kind of floor.

Stone Floor Restoration Frome

What Stone, Tiles and Hard Floors do we Clean and Restore?

Ceramic Floors

Flagstone Floors

Limestone Floor

Marble Floors 

Porcelain Floors

Quarry Tile Floor

Sandstone Floor

Slate Floors 

Terracotta Tile Floor

Terrazzo Floor


Victorian Tiles

Vinyl Floors

Tile Cleaning Frome

When you contact us we will arrange a site visit to have a proper inspection of the floor and then depending on the type of floor will send over a quote with suitable options.

 Why get them cleaned or restored?

Replacing tile or stone floors can be highly costly and disruptive, especially when they are in a room that is frequently used the most.

The floor might truly have a whole new lease of life after cleaning and restoration.

We often find the homeowner has never seen the true beauty of the floor, as it was in the property when purchased.


If you would like to discuss your options please get in touch for a free site inspection

Hard Floor Cleaning Frome

Cleaning and Restoration of Flagstones

Flagstones before Cleaning

Flagstones after Cleaning

Cleaning and Restoration of Travertine

Travertine Kitchen Floor before restoration

Travertine Kitchen Floor after restoration

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